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A Free Open-Source Python Module For Generative Sequencing and Composing

Easily Mass-Create Generative Songs On Your Console, Using Your Own Sound Collection

Very Little Python Knowledge Is Required-- The Documentation Should Suffice For Most Users To Install And Use
The GenerIter package is available here as an open-source Python module, freely downloadable

The GenerIter is available as a core development framework that provides Python facilities for working with audio samples to construct generative and iterative algorithms with which to compose music.

It includes a small, but growing, set of example algorithms with which to test and demonstrate the system. These can serve as exemplars for user experiments in designing their own algorithmic implementations.

In addition, the user is provided with simple command line utilities with which to:
a) classify and organise their sample collections according to any criteria that suit their musical objectives.
b) drive the generative process.

The package features full class documentation, command usage guides and a series of tutorials on how to implement key workflows and develop independent algorithm libraries.

Please feel free to visit the documentation home page for free installation and more information:

The GenerIter is Copyright 2021 Thomas Jackson Park and Jeremy Pavier


This Player Dock Features Random Examples Of Music Made Using The GenerITer. These Songs were composed by Thomas Park.

To load your track, or if there's ever a problem loading, press this button then press the 'play' arrow on the player:

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You may contact Thomas Park directly at: . Thank you.


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